Kendall Reviews interview and review: The Forest is Hungry

Demain Publishing has put out so many stunning releases with their stellar Short! Sharp! Shocks! series that you’d be hard pressed to pick out an absolute best. Saying that – what I read with ‘The Forest is Hungry‘ would be a strong contender in that category.

Steve Stred, Kendall Reviews

Kendall Reviews have posted Steve Stred’s glowing review of my year-old novelette, The Forest is Hungry – check it out.

Below the review, you’ll also find my recent interview with Kendall Reviews, where I discuss The Forest is Hungry in a lot more detail. It was a challenging interview, with some fantastic questions that really probed the story to gain a better understanding of the more speculative aspects, and I thoroughly enjoyed taking part.

My heartfelt thanks to Steve and everyone at Kendall Reviews for their kind words and support.

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