Create50 blog: Lamppost hugging for beginners

Back in December 2018, I won Create50’s ‘The Singularity’ competition with a story called Hive Mind, about robot bees. I found out that I’d won during a lavish award ceremony at the Cinema Museum in London, and it was an incredible night!

I wrote a blog for Create50, talking about my journey from that once-in-a-lifetime night to the publication of The Lamppost Huggers – and here it is: Lamppost hugging for beginners.

Create50 is a “creative writing and filmmaking community” whose aim is to “platform the talent of tomorrow by uniting our collective resources, creativity and talent to breakout 50 new creatives at a time.”

The Singularity is “a collection of 50 science fiction stories from the most thought provoking voices in new SciFi literature”, tackling the question: “What will happen when technology surpasses humanity?” Check out the video to find out more.

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