Aphotic Realm review: The Lamppost Huggers

…there is a terrible darkness held within these pages.

Morgan Tanner (Aphotic Realm)

Morgan Tanner has written a fantastic review of The Lamppost Huggers, including a summary of all his favourite stories, for Aphotic Realm magazine’s review corner – check it out.

Aphotic Realm is a print and online magazine, which publishes “short stories of any genre as long as they are dark, sinister, or eerie in tone.” I’ve had a few stories published in Aphotic Realm over the years, including the debut and first anniversary print issues, and one of the tales in The Lamppost Huggers (Two Weeks to Wolf) first appeared in issue #5.

Little Black Holes was probably my favourite story. People become obsessed with the darkness (aren’t we all??). Shadows and blackness become things of great intrigue. One woman, whose son becomes one of the afflicted, tries her hardest to be strong and resilient and not look. But little black holes appear everywhere…

Morgan Tanner (Aphotic Realm)

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