Kendall Reviews review: The Lamppost Huggers

Steve Stred, who previously championed my Short Sharp Shocks! publications (The Forest is Hungry, and Unbecoming Me & Other Interruptions), has given The Lamppost Huggers and Other Wretched Tales a glowing review for Kendall Reviews, and awarded it five stars in Goodreads.

If you’re looking for a reading slump buster or something that is quick and easy to pick up over and over again, look no further.

Steve Stred, Kendall Reviews

I don’t think I’ll ever get used to the idea that people read my stories, let alone seek them out and respond positively to them. It’s a wonderful feeling. For over a decade I churned out page after page, seeking to appease an overly-critical audience of one (me) – so to have reviewers like Steve, Ross Jeffery, and S J Budd (all of them excellent authors in their own right) making time to read my stories is amazing.

Thank you all x

Stanley is a stunning author. Any place you start with his work, you’ll be in for a treat…

Steve Stred, Kendall Reviews

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