The Forest is Hungry

The Forest is Hungry is creepy like the creatures scuttling across the forest floor. There’s something sinister growing amongst the trees next to Richard’s house, something that will threaten the lives of everyone in his neighbourhood. What started out as a normal day will end with axes, chainsaws and bloodshed. The forest is hungry. The forest will feed.

…a smorgasbord of malevolent brilliance.

—Ross Jeffrey, author of Juniper

The Forest is Hungry was published by Demain Publishing in April 2019. It is available in both print and ebook formats. Please support your local bookshop wherever possible.

I drew some immediate comparisons to Paul Tremblay’s short story, GROWING THINGS. M Night Shyamalan’s THE HAPPENING, and an X-Files episode all rolled into one – the whole “Can’t sleep, plants will eat us” vibe but with Christopher Stanley’s unique storyline and surprising conclusion.

Sadie “Mother Horror” Hartman